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Welcome Paul Cereghino's homepage of notes on Salish Sea ecosystem stewardship:

Gardenbutton.PNG Home Garden - Some experiments with chickens and semi-wild vegetation at home

Curriculumbutton.PNG Curricula - Some elementary school materials and strategies for using gardens as ecosystem models

Writingbutton.PNG Writing - A pile of part finished essays

Listsbutton.PNG Lists - off lists of people, places, and resources

Projectbutton.png Projects - of various kinds that are not recorded elsewhere

SSR.png Salish Sea Restoration - A home for ecosystem management info sharing.

Throughout are elements of a Cascadia Stewardship Manual where I keep notes on a vast book I will write when I'm old about land management in the Salish Sea ecosystem.

There are also bits and pieces related to an Ecosystem gardening vision that integrates public education and multi-purpose public lands as a foundation for developing a regenerative land use culture in the Salish Sea.

Feel free to look around, it is a continuous work in progress with lots of half filled boxes, and messy piles. Let me know if you see a way we can help each other.

Paul Cereghino, Steward

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